View Full Version : Hacking needs keyboard shortcuts!

1st Sep 2011, 06:17
I've noticed that SPACE is a quick-button for STOP! worm program, but I've not found any shortcuts for Capture/Fortify/Nuke options. Hacking already becomes hectic on higher levels with detection chances being high and time after tracing starts being short (rapidly clicking icons to capture more often than not leads to misclicks wasting Nuke/Stop! programs also many times in the rush the game ignores my capture/fortify action and I have to retry the action wasting already scarce seconds).
There should be a definable keyboard control for hacking options (even assigning "WSAD" to the respective hacking functions would be sufficient since most navigation during a hack is done by mouse anyway).

1st Sep 2011, 07:53
We definitely need this, especially since we need to click everything twice.

1st Sep 2011, 09:58
I think right-clicking on a captured node should fortify it and maybe double-clicking on a node should Nuke it.

1st Sep 2011, 10:08
WASD works - since you don't use them for other things during a hack and you've already got fingers over them anyway. Actually this is a really really good idea IMO. If only we could have a feedback forum... (which would be promptly spammed by Y U NO PATCH GAME? posts)

5th Sep 2011, 16:19
This gets my vote as well. Great game but this was a major oversight. Surely this was raised during testing?

5th Sep 2011, 17:02
Yeah with the dodgy mouse controls I would really like this too.

25th Jan 2013, 14:24
spacebar uses stop time thingy, I'm sure there are other hidden keyboard shortcuts for everything else...

25th Jan 2013, 21:11
I agree, that would solve all the issues with misclicking when the screen centers itself.

27th Aug 2013, 07:52
i'm all for this as well, waited 2 years to play this game (til i bought a new PC, yes. the game sat on my shelf for 2 years), shame hacking doesn't have configurable keybinds... how did missing such a significant feature get past quality control during the development phase???