View Full Version : Npc's dying to environment

1st Sep 2011, 05:48
Not sure if this has been posted or not, but for those going for pacifist, not killing anyone, you have something to look out for and thats where your tranq'd perp or hand to hand target is dropped.

The simple act of sliding down a concrete wall, box, tire, or any object to close WILL kill them. After finishing the game the first time i went through three more times to get pacifist, but never getting it, so i began checking all targets i dropped after completing level and sure enough at least one or two were dead, one dropped by a car, another slid down a highway divider after being tranq'd both died, this has happened in offices too. Not going to worry about the achievement as they dont yank my chain as they do some but for those going for pacifist just a heads up to check your perps before moving on. :cool: