View Full Version : A dead body doesn't warrant an alarm?

1st Sep 2011, 04:31
Loving the game, on my second playthrough(going lethal this time) and was just wondering why guards don't seem to find it neccissary to set off the alarm when they find the corpse of one of their comrades? They will, however, activate it if a boxguard explodes. I guess the devs just thought it make the game too difficult?

1st Sep 2011, 05:50
Hmm maybe the guards didnt like that guy? :P

1st Sep 2011, 22:40
Every time I've had a guard spot a body, he checks the body first. I believe, if you let them live long enough, they'll then run over and hit an alarm.

Also, camera most defiantly do trigger an alarm based on bodies.