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31st Aug 2011, 23:28
I briefly searched for missions with time limits, and came up with insufficient answers, so posting question here:

Does anyone have a list of missions which impose any kind of time limit?
For example:
Hostage Situation: bomb goes off killing hostages if you wait too long at Sarif HQ

I -REALLY- want to finish all the side quests...

Alternatively, if anyone can suggest times at which I may "take a breather" from the main quests TO wrap up a few side quests at a time, that would be fine, too.

Thanks for reading!

31st Aug 2011, 23:33
no mission I have encountered so far has any time limit, there are points in the main story when any unfinished side quests are cancelled because you travel from the area, however your given a yes/no question if you wanna leave and the game makes it clear if you say yes at that point, you skip and unfinished side quests.

1st Sep 2011, 00:39
I suggest you find out for yourself and try to do things differently in another playthrough, but if you insist...

There's only one more situation where there's a time limit:
When Malik's aircraft crashes, if you want to rescue her you have to get close to her and fight off the enemies if you, stay at a distance for too long, she will self-destruct.

1st Sep 2011, 04:16
I'm not certain about this one. It's implied in the conversation giving the quest, but no idea if it really has a time limit:

When you take on the quest to find Ning in Hengsha, the girl whose name I have completely forgotten at this point asks you to hurry, hoping you can rescue Ning before they forcefully augment her.

Has anyone let this drag out to see what happens?