View Full Version : BUG: Having to click twice in the in-game menu screens

31st Aug 2011, 23:25
For example, when I search a body, I have to click on any of the options twice before it accepts.

Actually, I can click once anywhere on the screen, and then on the button of my choice, but if I click the button first, it does not respond.

It's like I'm having to click to make it the "active window" so to speak.. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there any way to fix this?

31st Aug 2011, 23:48
I've got the same issues, but I'm rating it "non-important" compared to other more game stopping issues.

When I'm hacking I have to click "kinda near" the button but not right on it. It's like it thinks my button is a half inch to the left and down a bit from where I am clicking. Annoying and lame, but not a show stopper.

1st Sep 2011, 07:34
Why start another thread on this lukeman?

Just bump your old one.