View Full Version : Installation issues

31st Aug 2011, 22:23
Sorry if this isn't the place to ask for help. I'm a big fan of BSP/BSM and have just purchased BSP. I'm got a PC with Vista and the installations does take a while, only gets about a quarter of a way in and then it reports issues with the 'Tutorial.bik' file... access issues.

I did try the CD on my XP PC and it installed but then didn't launch.

Does this sound like a CD error?

Thank you in advance

11th Sep 2011, 01:01
It may be. Is this a new DVD or a used one?

Also, when installing you need to make sure that you let it install GFW and the provided DirX

11th Sep 2011, 05:18
Hello chip5541, I've got a new rig now and will try installing again once I receive my returned game. I sent it back to Mightyape where I made the purchase.

Im looking for to this game and especially with my new pc.