View Full Version : Simple Energy Change

Adefice Lucere
31st Aug 2011, 21:05
They could simply swap the recharging cell from the left-most side to the right and keep it there. All cells to the left are the expendable "backup"cells. Upgrading capacitance would simply push your infinite cell to the right.

Thus, all aug usage will draw from the infinite cell *first*, then bleed into the backups. So, takedowns can still take an entire cell, functionally giving you a freebie, and costing candy bars to do subsequent attacks. This is essentially what people are doing right now anyhow...staying with just the infinite cell and an empty cell...eating bars only under special circumstances.

Thus, capacitor upgrades become more attractive, and you aren't any more powerful. You just don't have to dedicate inventory to bars as much, seeing as you can store the energy internally.

31st Aug 2011, 21:10
The solution I prefer is things like takedowns and PTW reduced in cost from 1.0 to 0.9, or whatever the minimal increment is.

Sustained use takes a cost. But the one-off TD and PTW can be recharged from.