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31st Aug 2011, 18:39
Option to have no 3rd person view for cover/takedowns. Breaks immersion and looks silly. Also would make the stealth skills and smart vision actually useful and not a waste of points.

Reduce the amount of praxxis points for the love of god. You get everything you want half way into the game. You don't really have to specialize in anything because you have have everything.

Make right click spin the heavy machine gun

Add something that says if you have failed ghost/pasifist/whatever. Shotting someone with a tranq gun to have them die from hitting the floor is frustrating.

Maybe a option to skip long railroad walking cut scenes (the beginning) just for convienence on 2nd/3rd playthroughs.

Fix boss glitches. Make them not be stunned for so damn long. Makes the fight a joke.

When alarms go off keep them on until you hack/reset alarm pads in the area. Setting off an alarm should make the rest of the level much harder because everyone is prepared for you. Enemies should default to the alarmed state after this no matter if you turn off the alarm or not. Right now they have the memory or gold fish.

Instead of stopping time for knockouts it may be good to just run it in real time.

Just what I can think of off the top of my head.

EDIT: forgot a big one. ENERGY. ALL batteries should recharge. Energy bars should be used in emergencies. I don't care if you make them longer to recharge. Right now you can go through the entire game with 1 battery. Battery upgrades (except recharge) were worthless. Just double the recharge time.

31st Aug 2011, 18:46
lol, how does 3rd person look silly? I'd choose it over 1st person anyday. But i agree deus ex should be played in 1st person since it's a rpg with fps elements...

31st Aug 2011, 18:54
You don't think real time first person takedowns would have felt and looked much better? Not to mention it wouldn't break immersion. Watching the same 6 take downs gets a little silly. Its like deus ex, super hero rambo mini cut scene, now back to your paid program.

31st Aug 2011, 19:06
You missed the sticky: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=120057

31st Aug 2011, 19:42
Ops, thanks