View Full Version : Bonus Content in saves on different profiles on different 360s

31st Aug 2011, 15:05
Hi all.

Just looking for a little help with a query regarding the bonus content package that came with the (pre-ordered) Augmented Edition on the Xbox 360.

I persuaded my girlfriend to give DE:HR a try while she was staying with me, and she's been playing it for two days straight. She's pretty much sold on the idea of getting her own copy, but I'm wondering if her save would work with a standard edition, as she has the extra content loaded from playing via my hard drive. She ditched all of the bonus weapons as she's only using the revolver, and hasn't yet reached the bonus mission point of the game, but I'm supposing the save is flagged as having the extra content installed on the machine (like Mass Effect 2 does)...

Will she need to get an Augmented Edition to use that save? And will the fact it isn't pre-ordered cause further problems? Could she use the code that game with my copy as it is the same used for that game save? Is it just better for her to start afresh? It's all very complicated.

I'm sorry if I'm asking a question already answered elsewhere. I tried using the search...didn't really know what exactly to search for.

Thanks in advance.

31st Aug 2011, 15:30
Wont work am afraid.. The save game will flag its got the dlc active, so will need it active when loaded.. Sorry

31st Aug 2011, 16:15
I figured that's how it would work. Oh well. She'll just have to start over!

Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.