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31st Aug 2011, 06:57
title. I think this game has post cyberpunk influences but ppl label deus ex games as cyberpunk. To tell the truth there's not much difference, exception made for characters who fight a better future or the best one amog all possibilities.


31st Aug 2011, 07:15
cyber renaissance

31st Aug 2011, 07:34
cyber renaissance

That's what Eidos calls it. In essence it's pre cyberpunk. Most of the technologies are only just discovered (simple replecement limbs and organs are only the beginning). Robotic is still pretty simple and there are no full body cyborgs yet, as are full AIs and artificial brains. Virtual reality (another trademark of cyberpunk settings) seems to be absent too.

A good example for post cyberpunk would be Ghost in the Shell, or the first Deus EX, where most of the technologies that are concidered "cyberpunky" are already old news. The only thing that diffines it from there is the state of the world: Does it prosper (into hightech scifie) or deteriorate (into dark and gritty scifie).

31st Aug 2011, 07:37

31st Aug 2011, 08:42
cyber renaissance

Strange choice of words, imo. Why should it be a rebirth of cyber technology/thought/art etc, when it didn't exist in any previous age ?

31st Aug 2011, 09:06
@sajin i think they called it cyberpunk reinessance because of various changes...like the way we see the world, human beings....and basically old ideas development from cyberpunk narrative. Something the game actually doesn't. I mean i think this games is meant to give you an idea of a dystopian futuristic world and allows players to meet a lot of secondary and pitiful characters. Pathos and grotesque techniques are heavily used in de3.

About post cyberpunk: it focuses on technological development and its impact on society. Post cyberpunk works feature stuff like biomedical engineering, nanomachines...plus a lot of cyberpunk themes....the only real difference i see is in the main characters who work/fight for a better future or to protect some kind of status quo.
I agree it sounds like a deus ex description, cyberpunk reinessance sounds like an interesting term though