View Full Version : Nvida 3D Vision and display recommendations.

31st Aug 2011, 06:55
There is currently another thread about wanting Nvidia 3D Vision support added to the game. It spawned into a large amount of people hating 3D Vision because they thought it was gimmick, is not worth buying the hardware, it will fail, makes games cost more and tons of other what I believe to be pointless anti-3D Vision hatred. I think I speak for many others who have also probably observed this.

In this thread would you all politely ask Eidos to work with Nvidia and get proper 3D Vision support. If you hate 3D Vision please do not post comments, as I would like this to be only for people who appreciate Nvidia 3D Vision.

I am interested in possibly getting a new 3D Vision monitor, TV, or projector to replace my Alienware AW2310. Could you all share what 3D vision compatible display you use and why you like it?

Eidos, can you maybe make a posting as to any updates on implementing 3D Vision? At the very least be direct and say you teamed up with AMD/ ATI and will only use their 3D solution, I hope that is not the situation however if it is please just come forward and admit it.

31st Aug 2011, 19:56

I use a GD245HQ Acer with a GTX 570 for 6 months and 3D vision is really a wonderful technology. When the game is ready for it, it takes another dimension. It's hard to play in 2D now... Hope this game support 3D vision soon.