View Full Version : I have a feeling I skipped huge part of the game, how?

31st Aug 2011, 06:21
I keep reading about people who finished the game with 44 hours playtime, I have maybe 22 hours (<- completely wrong, see edit).

I only went to 2 cities (4 if you count the Montreal Olympic Stadium and the Singapour building) however I was pretty sure I would go to Montreal in the street not just the stadium, I keep seeing screenshots/concept art in the street of Montreal. I also read someone mentioning Brisbane and I think I remember reading about Paris. I saw Detroit and Shanghai, one building in Singapour and the Montreal Olympic Stadium.

Is it possible I skipped entire parts of the story?

EDIT: OMG damit sweet baby Jesus!! I just went to steam and time goes FAST when you have fun... steam says I played 81 hours... [shame face]

31st Aug 2011, 06:29
The Montreal hub was cut from the final game. It's a shame, there could of been an extra 5 or 10 hours there.

22 hours is really on the short end, but Steam is having problems showing the correct time played. I know I've put about 10 hours in, but it only shows 5. Just make sure you do all of the side quests and take some time to explore. And maybe hope that 1 day Montreal will be released as a DLC or something.

Frag Maniac
31st Aug 2011, 06:30
No Brisbane or Paris as far as I know. I've not completed the game yet, but nearly, and I've only read about the cities I've been to so far.

The main venues are...


Montreal IS in the game. When first going to it before leaving Adam informs Malik that their itinerary is being diverted there. When you arrive it's the only location that shows quite a sweeping view of city lights for miles from the landing pad.

31st Aug 2011, 06:33
Did you explore? Did you finish all the sidequests? Did you take your time or rush through?

Maybe you did everything and just did it quicker than most. Maybe Steam is reporting your play hours wrong. Maybe you missed a lot of side content. No way to know right now...

31st Aug 2011, 06:39
I don't think you've skipped something (well, maybe sidequests) It definitely depends on the difficulty, your own skill and the way you are playing. If you are rushing through like a berserk, not paying attention to secret paths or sidequests, you will see the end very soon. Steam says around 40 hours for my playthrough, but I tried to achieve Ghost and Smooth Operator within every mission. And I've read almost anything you can read ingame.

31st Aug 2011, 06:42
The Montreal hub was cut from the final game.

ok that makes me sad, I wonder why, I hope it's not because it was boring or something, I would get the DLC for sure.

Thanks for answering me guys, I did the whole thing then, I am pretty sure I didn't miss any side-quest since I talked to everyone and read everything, even the post-it when it was possible :D .

On the other hand something inside me tells me that maybe there is more, I guess I will have to replay it.

this time I know about the boss fights though :D

Frag Maniac
31st Aug 2011, 06:45
I don't know if all versions do, but the preorder version DOES take you to Montreal.

31st Aug 2011, 06:46
I finished up the game in just under 24 hours while getting 69% of all achievements :)

Being a veteran of games like Thief, Metal Gear and the previous Deus Ex made the game extremely straightforward to play through :)

Now however I get to work on unlocking the other achievements :)

31st Aug 2011, 07:16
81 hours? Damn you know how to play :D