View Full Version : Pod 128 -- Spoilers

31st Aug 2011, 05:32
How do you get into Pod 128? Can you get into Pod 128?

In Shanghai, in Alice Pod Gardens, you can find an email claiming that Pod 128 is full with stuff. It just smells of one of those very subtle hints to go check it out. So I went. But the Pod is closed. And I can't open it. Can you? Or is it a bug? Pod 143 has stuff. And it's open...

For info on opening 128 I will trade you info on a lootable Praxis kit in Shanghai.

The mentioned email can be found in the computer behind the receptionist (Sec. lvl 3 - login info on pocket sec below computer desk). It states in very stereotypical Housekeeping-English that the cleaning lady of the day found many items she thinks belongs to the former tenant of Pod 128 when opening that Pod for housekeeping and prepping for a new guest.

31st Aug 2011, 07:19
I had noticed that myself, and also had the exact same thought, but no. I've cleared the whole area, done as much as there is to be done in the lower half of the city and you never get in to the damn thing.

31st Aug 2011, 07:25
I read it as if the person disappeared one day. Either by suicide or "assisted" suicide.

31st Aug 2011, 09:47
Yeah - I read that email as being 'the owner took a long walk on a short pier' and the management has been ordered to... vacate her premises.