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31st Aug 2011, 03:15
I've always loved reading about ARGs on gaming sites, but I have never been in the right place to 'catch the wave' and participate in one. I had a great time and can now see why they're being used more often in marketing. They wouldn't work in my industry, but I'm professionally very impressed with my own experience and thought I'd give feedback.

Demographics: I'm a married 30 year old professional with a 45+ hour work week and a 13 month old baby. I'm still able to play most nights, but only after the family is crashed. Played the original DX when it came out, but I only started getting excited about DX:HR a couple of weeks before it came out once advanced reviewers started acting giddy. I'm not really a social network/media user.

Purchase History: Pre-Ordered at Gamestop one week before launch. Picked up on launch day. Have played every night since (currently 41 hours into first playthrough, not yet finished).

Initial/Partial Participation: The in game news ticker got me excited about the special announcment. I was able to take a peek at it half an hour after the first code went up. Took a screenshot and hit the forum for the first time, had never registered to post. Once the second code went up I knew it was an ARG and got excited.

I probably spent more time lurking on the Eidos and Steam forums watching progress than playing the game last night. My initial personal theory was that it was a Steam/XBL/PSN code for reward DLC and attacked it from that angle using amateur scooby doo decoding abilities. I was trying to remove extraneous characters to make something in the right purchase key structure. Did not post or engage others, but watched developments.

Today at work I spent more time than I should have keeping an eye on forum progress on my phone.

Developed/Full Participation: What is really interesting to me is that once the updates starting coming via Twitter and other sources I actually started looking at Tumblr and Twitter for the first time (even downloading apps just to follow the DEVS). I never use social media and now I'm actively watching half of Eidos Montreal's staff and since their feeds/blogs seem cool will continue doing so. For me this is a big behavior change.

I was at work so I couldn't 'play' but my interest level went to 11 at this point.

Once I got home I was able to visit 13311 early and was proud that I found and pulled down the .wav before it was mentioned on the forum. Shortly after that I signed up for the forum, something I don't usually do with games.

I wasn't able to come up with much to offer but I had a lot of fun.

Looking at myself as a customer though, I really find it amazing that this ARG was able to turn me from a non-participant, digital shut in to a registered, posting social media follower.

So in short: Thank you for giving me two awesome games in the space of a week and curse you evil, manipulative, string pulling geniuses for playing me like a customer shaped fiddle.