View Full Version : Shanghai Justice - Stuck, need help!

31st Aug 2011, 01:20
I am doing the Shanghai Justice sidequest, and I'm on the part where you have to hack the Media Terminal in the Hive's VIP area. I have a sec rating of 3, so that's not the problem. The thing is just plain too hard to hack! I can't get it done in time, there just isn't enough time.

I wanted to finish this sidequest, but how do you get past this?! I could really use the help.

Thanks in advance.

31st Aug 2011, 03:20
I'm no hacking pro, but have you saved before attempting, and then used nukes first, and stop worms after the alarm is triggered?

31st Aug 2011, 03:58
Before you commit to capturing a node, look at the chance of discovery. If it's too high, use a nuke worm on it since those automatically succeed with no chance of detection. On the really important hacks, I've been known to use 2-4 nukes when I had to succeed, especially on those rating 5 nodes.

Also, before you start, take time to study the layout of the network. Plan out both the path you have to take to reach the objectives and the paths the trace program will take coming back to your I/O port. Remember that you can do multiple operations at once. If the alert sounds, use a stop worm and start fortifying nodes along the path the trace will take while you're waiting on captures to finish. And if you're going to lose, back out before the trace connects. You get 3 tries with a Security 3 terminal as long as you don't let it trace all the way back.

31st Aug 2011, 04:09
If you have pts left, it's a good idea to invest into stealth hacking. IIRC, maxed stealth gives 15% detection rate for lvl 3 nodes and under. Or another good idea is to see if you can hack the DSR (red node) instead of the Registry (blue node) if it is closer to the I/O base that is. If not, then spam stop worms/nukes.