View Full Version : Lost Pocketsecretary/Email Bug !!!

Weyland Yutani
31st Aug 2011, 01:05

On my first play through the game was ok and all Emails and Pocketsecretary are in my Mediaarchiv
then i must start a new game because i have placed my skillpoints false. And now three Emails or Pocketsecretarys are lost. Seven times i startet a new game and begin to search all over it and these three thing are nowhere to find.
I dont know exactly is this an Pocketsecretary or an Email.

Number 1: u get an Pocketsecretary/Email from some guy named krumb/krump or so with an code from his storage
and an warning when u touch his whisky or else u get an krump spezial =) , i dont know the code
but with these message its easy to find.

Number 2: The Pocketsecretary or Email with the code to the storage where u can find the Taser Gun in the
north of the Detroit Apartments. As info to find it Code: 2928

Number 3: The same with the code from the storage where u meet Zeke Sanders, as info to find it Code:5551

Can anyone please help me ? first thing and good to know is in what category in the mediaarchive (Log) where all your Emails and Ebooks etc. been saved are these three things to find that i can take a better look in some places. Are they in the Log by Sarif Office or Sarif Produktion or Detroit ?

I know these are Bugs and i found one Pocketsecretary at the same Level twince, at Sarif Industries at the Admin Floor where all the computers to hack theres one Pocketsecretary by some Plants i found the same Pocket some Rooms bevor i dont now the english word i think load an reload or else ill check it an add it later.

I dont want to restart the game again its frustrating please help to find thanks a lot
and i hope soon this will be fixed greets