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25th Apr 2014, 14:24
Hello everyone! thank you for taking your time to visit this thread.
i am here to ask you guys a question.
we are a group of 8 players who reecently got Nosgoth together.
However i cannot seem to find a to play with my friends other than searching for a lobby and hope that it is empty
then quickly invite all of them into the lobby and pray that no one else joins in before they do.

so to put it briefley: How can i party up with my friends and search for a lobby together with them (if there is a way)
and if not. will there be in the future?


25th Apr 2014, 16:01
its been asked for and should come eventually, but not now

25th Apr 2014, 20:59
Play in siege. IT'll be easier to get everyone in the lobby.

25th Apr 2014, 21:23
You can invite people to your party before you search. But there is a bug in the current build that makes the invite not always send correctly.

This will be fixed next week in an update.

25th Apr 2014, 21:37
I don't know of a single person that's ever worked for yet Corey.

28th Apr 2014, 09:51
This will be fixed next week in an update.

YES!!!! Yippy!!! :D Please I beg of you please for the love of the Elder God *begs on hands and knees* please make this happen in the next update :D It becomes a challenge trying to find a lobby with enough space for (even two) at the moment - half the battle is finding a lobby before you even get onto the battlefield :lol:

11th May 2014, 18:56
I don't know of a single person that's ever worked for yet Corey.

Yea, I've tried using this since the update, and I still can't start a party with my brother before I get into a lobby. And it's been like 2 or 3 patches since this thread started.

11th May 2014, 19:14
I got it to work last week... once....

11th May 2014, 21:11
I got it to work last week... once....

It has so far, never worked once for me. ;~;

12th May 2014, 14:45
...If it doesn't work we discovered - everyone who wants to join your party (including yourself) need to log out of the game and steam - in again - then the inviter hit the search and allow it to authenticate - exit the lobby it puts you in - invite your friends to party and then they should be able to join you. (This is only a theory - if it doesn't work you know...)

I've kind of posted it here…http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=12773&p=100113#post100113 ...might work for some of you if you're lucky...