View Full Version : "I need my mirror replacing".

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30th Aug 2011, 22:27

30th Aug 2011, 22:29
You want to add to that funny? hack into the hotel computer and read the email.

30th Aug 2011, 22:55
This is amazing. +10 internetz for you. lol

30th Aug 2011, 23:14
Awesome, I laughed so hard.

30th Aug 2011, 23:21

31st Aug 2011, 00:23

I think it's funny that they made a big deal of what I'm thinking must be an engine limitation...

31st Aug 2011, 01:18
Hahahaha...I love the dev team.

31st Aug 2011, 01:33
Haha I noticed that and the email and spent the whole game hoping I would eventually get to call her out in the dialogue and tell her I KNEW she was purposefully leaving my mirror at the warehouse. Shame that never happened :P but still, loved this little thing Eidos threw in. It's these sorts of little things that make it feel more like the original (e.g., Gunther's numerous, humorous emails to Jaime Reyes). Great stuff.

31st Aug 2011, 02:19
Hahaha awesome.

31st Aug 2011, 02:34
:lmao: Excellent!

31st Aug 2011, 06:10
no reflections in this engine

31st Aug 2011, 07:04
God, I just can't stop watching this...

"And then Adam went to China." Classic. lol

31st Aug 2011, 07:10
Quick, make it canon! Adam had a strange bout of crazy and locked the landlord into a tight enclosed space for a week or so.

31st Aug 2011, 07:38
I love you....

Blackbird SR-71C
31st Aug 2011, 18:15

Make sure you watch motdef's other videos too, they're just as hilarious. Especially the first Moonbase Alpha video he made!

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2nd Sep 2011, 22:59

Frag Maniac
2nd Sep 2011, 23:09
How can you manage to stuff her in that hidey hole? I can't even place dropped weapons in there?

3rd Sep 2011, 06:01
How can you manage to stuff her in that hidey hole? I can't even place dropped weapons in there?

Throw her by clickling left mouse button :) Most likely you will need a few tries to succeed. At least I managed with my 4th try to get here in when i tried to replicate what have been done in OPs video :)

3rd Sep 2011, 07:16
Delightful. That scag bint deserves it!

Frag Maniac
3rd Sep 2011, 07:57
Now my problem is, where is the biatch? The post it note says to call her, no phone or intercom that I could find, so I looked for her in the lobby. Where is this snotty lady? I want to have it out with her, and not in a good way. I'm currently in Detroit 2 btw, after coming back from 2nd boss fight. Am I too far into the game to find her?

3rd Sep 2011, 18:54
I saw that video and laughed a lot
the end phrase is the best x-D

3rd Sep 2011, 19:01
I cant decide if this or "dancing adam" is the best video so far!!

3rd Sep 2011, 23:18
Yay someone finally found a good use for that cubby hole. I can barely type because everytime I think about it I crack up laughing

3rd Sep 2011, 23:55
"And then Adam went to China"
I lol'd. I would've loved the option to confront that woman though, I knew she was just refusing to collect the other one.

6th Sep 2011, 00:27
I've been looking for hours to find my damn mirror! I know it's somewhere! Seriously it's a cover up! A FreAkIna cOvveeR uP! I'll never stop looking for it, NEVER!