View Full Version : Finding Isaias Sandoval *Spoiler*

30th Aug 2011, 21:38
Which is the best way to deal with Taggart? Confront him on live TV and win the argument? Or, sneak back into his dressing room and hack his computer? Apparently, you can't do both. So far, hacking the computer allows you to talk to Saif and you can add another side mission to plant evidence against Taggart. Not sure if that's available if you take the other route.

Decisions, decisions...

30th Aug 2011, 22:19
i snuck into his computer it was very easy i havent done the argument tho, also you should put the spoiler warning before you mention a character like that since thatt cuold spoil it for somebody idk

30th Aug 2011, 23:23
I mention the word spoiler in the title. Isn't that how it's done?