View Full Version : I just finished the game, so here is my feedback. :)

30th Aug 2011, 21:32
I just completed the game for the first time. Overall I really enjoyed the game and I'm looking forward to another playthrough.

So I'd like to offer my feedback and observations for those who care. This is mostly spoiler free.

Beyond the game play itself, the overall concept and ethical considerations of what is going on I felt was very profound. I found myself feeling much like both Taggart and Sarif when it comes to looking at augmentation. I see both sides of the situation, and while I personally believe something like this would be amazing for disabled and injured people, it should be heavily regulated. No one should be able to just run wild and do what they want with it.


In the end, I sent Darrow's message.


First I'll start with what I particularly liked.

Stability. I've read other people having issues, but my mid range PC played this game quite well and highish settings. It only crashed once, but 3 or 4 times during cutscenes the game got really choppy as the game went full out 100% on my CPUs for like 10 seconds. Pausing the game for a moment usually cleared it up. My loadtimes were rarely more than 8-12 seconds.

I like Adam Jensen as a character. At first I thought he was kinda dull but after awhile I liked him.

The visuals. I liked the atmosphere and the art design. People's clothing, the weapons, the augmented body parts. Very cool.

Attention to detail in level appearance, the garbage cans, debris, cars, power lines, breaker boxes - all that stuff. I imagine that took a lot of extra time, and I think it was worth it because it looks pretty sweet.

Just like the first one I enjoyed the music and it helps to enrich the situations.

Combat flows smoothly for the most part and is enjoyable. I like how you need to be smart and going Rambo isn't usually a good idea.

I enjoyed the idle chatter of badguys and other NPCs.

I'm a fan of multiple routes and ways to go about doing things and allowing for creativity on the players part. I enjoyed blocking doors with heavy objects when my cover was blown, putting down mines, and carrying a reprogrammed turret in hand to mow down back guys as I walked.

The conversation system is very interesting, it not being quite as easy to convince someone to change their mind is a nice change from the typical skill based or obvious "click this response" RPG conversation design. I like how it involves the player themselves more while relying a little less on the player character. I don't think enough people really see how different it is and give it the credit it deserves.

Next I'll go into what I didn't care for so much or would like to see changed in sequels/DLC.

I completed the game on the medium recommended difficulty and I found it overall to be too easy. I'm not sure what the hardest difficulty changes, but if it just makes enemies tougher and/or you weaker that wouldn't change it much for me. I only killed those who I labeled as "bad guys". Typically the guys in red and black. Almost none of them ever saw it coming. Most everyone else I avoided or incapacitated. Overall I think the enemies need a little improvement to their awareness. Overall it works pretty well - if you don't abuse the quickload feature.

Specifically, I think they should take more notice to things that have changed even if they don't see it the moment it occurs. They don't seem to react much to opened vents or doors unless they see it move. Maybe some guys should take notice of missing buddies. I know making them too aware would hurt the flow of the game, but some small improvements would be good in my opinion. They also don't seem to see you if you're fairly far away even if you're out in the open. I'd suggest occasionally placing a patrol guy or pair of guys who somewhat randomly patrol around the common areas of the map, with the idea being to making hiding bodies more important and improving the possibility for surprise since it'd be different each time.

Overall I liked the levels, but the bizarre layout of China felt a little tedious at times.


The end game showdown was very anticlimactic for me. I ran up and blasted her with my laser rifle and it was over in just a moment. Is that supposed to be possible? I reloaded and hacked the computers and disabled the life support, essentially the same thing occurred. I was baffled by the ease and overall bland nature of the fight and looked at a FAQ and I saw it reference other enemies such as the crazies that end up flooding in to attack you. I never saw any opponents other than the railed turrets up above.


There is a lack of character exposure and screen time for so many characters. I think the feel of the game would have been improved if you weren't tossed right away into the main story and had a little time to get to know the characters. Half way through I briefly forgot who Dr. Reed was when she was mentioned and I couldn't remember what she even looked like, and she's supposed to be romantically involved with the player character. There was virtually no character interaction at the beginning or the end. Despite being central to the plot Megan Reed is a very minor character, the only people who felt like main characters are Jensen, Pritchard, Malik, and Sarif. Zhao and Darrow, characters who played a vital role in the plot I felt as if I barely knew who they were.

I dislike the energy cell resource system as much in this Deus Ex game as much as the others. I know they need to be finite in some way, but I think the regeneration system working on ALL cells instead of just one would work better. Keep a few energy replenishing items to give you a boost in emergencies, though. While I unlocked all the energy upgrades, I played a vast majority of the game with just my regenerative cell as more was rarely needed. When it was, it hurt flow to chow down on some power bars and felt like an artificial control mechanism.

Please axe the pseudo cutscene that plays every time my icarus landing system goes off. Personally I'd just get rid of it entirely and make it some impact absorbing leg upgrade.

A 3rd person toggle would be nifty, too.

Well there you go. Some negative as with any game, but overall I really enjoyed the game and I want to thank you all for making it and I look forward to more from this series.