View Full Version : on what difficulty have you beaten Deus Ex: Human Revolution ? ?

30th Aug 2011, 19:13
Yeah so, i just beat it on the "Give Me Deus Ex" difficulty and Wow was it good..close to 40 hours for me :) and i got about all of the Augmentations due to my magnificient hacking skills lol but left the Typhoon and Aim one. What about you guys ?

30th Aug 2011, 19:21
There's only one way to play Deus Ex, maximum available difficulty. Like many others I would probably even agree that the AI could have been toned up to be even more challenging.

Probably the most memorable moment from the game for me was the crash. I remember seeing all these guys just blasting away at the shuttle and thinking, no there's no way I'm supposed to be able to stop them all... But after a few tries I managed to pull it off despite being armed only with my silenced pistol and a single EMP grenade I happened to have. (damn good thing I had that grenade.)

I was totally unprepared for that situation but managed to come out of it feeling awesome. Now doing it on my pacifist run will be a little more challenging for sure.

30th Aug 2011, 19:27
I've played through it 4 times. All stealth, all pacifist. Twice on hardest, one on easy, once on normal. In that order for some reason.

30th Aug 2011, 19:37
Hardest difficulty is always how I roll for any game, so obviously HR was no different. I can't imagine the game being fun on anything lower, since it wasn't all that hard even on GMDX.

30th Aug 2011, 22:08
First play through on normal - second on Deus Ex difficulty. Didn't find the game too challenging at all on normal - a few parts where I had to use some lateral thinking, but I always had an extremely well-stocked invintory, so I always had a lot of options on how to tackle a given situation.

Deus Ex difficulty was even easier, after I knew the game, and had become more adept at stealth. Also I knew exactly what augmentations I wanted, what weapons I needed etc, so I didn't waste praxis points or weapon mods on things I didn't need. My second play-through, I was a highly-effecient, super-sneaky, neigh-unstopable, bladed killing machine (basicly exactly what you would get if a ninja and a blender decided to mate).

Kind of wish I had played on DX difficulty on my first play-through, so I could experience the game at it's hardest-possible state.

30th Aug 2011, 22:20
First playthrough on medium, atm on hard - compared to the original Deus Ex, Human Revolution is way too easy.
Invisibility is more than imbalanced. With Level 3 Invisibility you can just run though any location. Being able to shoot while being invisible is pretty overpowered, too.
Besides this, the Laser Sights are too accurate. The only weapon I used (besides boss fights) was the 10mm pistol with silencer and laser sights - you can easily take out multiple targets from far away.