View Full Version : Extreme Stuttering and now Crashes - Please Help!

30th Aug 2011, 19:13
Well, I've some serious issues with DE:HR at the moment.

Alot of people have complained about the stutter in the framerate but on my setup it is so bad as to be nearly unplayable, and when I say bad I mean bad, every movement I do causes stuttering with exception of some turning around.

It has also started to crash regularly with a APPCRASH mesage. (game locks up so you are forced to task manager).

I did have everything set to max / on / high - before (on DX11), but now I've tried running on the lowest settings as well, everything set to low / off / none (on DX9) and nothing changed even after a reboot!

Is this something in my computer setup or do I need to wait for a patch?

System Spec:

Windows Vista 64bit, Intel Q9550 Quad Core, 6 Gig Ram, Nvidia Geforce 570 GTX -Driver 280.26 WHQL, Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card -Driver 1.04.0090

30th Aug 2011, 21:38
The stutter is indeed a problem here with a gtx560 OC Quadcore 9400 4GB , (to the devs) maybe you should talk to the nvidia techs guys :S.

30th Aug 2011, 22:01
This may provide a potential solution for your crashing problem:


The voltage increase appears to help at least some people who have a GTX 570 as well.