View Full Version : Does the EMP resistance aug protect you from electric shock hazards?

Frag Maniac
30th Aug 2011, 19:00
I'm talking about being able to get through electricity arcing through puddles, but more specifically the 2nd boss fight against that chick with the invisibility cloak. I ended up typhooning her because I got sick of dealing with the electricity. I'd rather have played it differently.

30th Aug 2011, 19:02
EMP resistance aug makes you totally immune to any electricity effects including damage. It's bad it's not described properly in it's description.

30th Aug 2011, 19:02

30th Aug 2011, 19:23
Without spoiling anything it is one of the most useful augmentations in the game, but only in certain situations. I think this will be an augmentation I will always get.

Frag Maniac
30th Aug 2011, 19:41
Damn, now I wish I'd have made a manual save just before that boss fight. Guess it's my fault for not trying it.

Oh well, maybe next play through, thanks guys.