View Full Version : Social Enhancer - good or eh?

30th Aug 2011, 18:10
Just a quick question to the other OCD XP hounds out there...does getting the Social Enhancment aug give any additional paths to XP or is it just assitance in winning the social battles?

Is it worth aiming to get it early or no?


30th Aug 2011, 18:29
It makes the social battles a lot easier and it's fun. Why not save the game and try it out for yourself? You can always load the game again if you don't like it.

30th Aug 2011, 18:35
What does it do exactly? I find the social "battles" easy enough.

30th Aug 2011, 18:40
I believe there is one side mission that actually does require the use of the social aug when you find the PI injured in his apartment, and that does net a silver tongue bonus. The thing is, thats spending 2 praxis points for 1k xp, which isn't really worth it (but if your goal is every single possible xp bonus).

Overall, it is nifty, and probably more worth it than wasting points on things like the tagging stealth enhancement.

Really they should have broken it down into two separate augs: the biometric reader and the pheromone emitter. Have one give the output to the screen of data on the target (level of persuasion), and the other add the optional dialog.

It does two things:
1. During "social battles," it provides a detailed description on the targets personality, giving about 3-4 traits, and certain behavioral aspects about them (that tie in well to the convo options, so it helps to determine what they respond to). It gives a "persuasion level" to indicate how well you are doing, and visually depicts how you're gathering this info (increased heart rate, changes in skin temp). Finally, it does occasionally display

30th Aug 2011, 18:48
You have a display for the personality type (Alpha Beta Omega), some keywords about the personality, a description of character and a persuasion meter, that tells you how close you are to persuade your opponent. Furthermore you have a pheromone dispenser that gives you additional persuasion options, but they can backfire, if you use a pheromone not suited for the specific personality archetype. It is also pretty funny, if you try it on Malik ;)

30th Aug 2011, 18:59
So what I'm seeing is that it's cool and adds flavor but it isn't something I need to rush out and get.

Cool and thanks!

30th Aug 2011, 19:49
So what I'm seeing is that it's cool and adds flavor but it isn't something I need to rush out and get.

Cool and thanks!

i actually really dislike the aug.

Here is why:

1.it adds nothing to "normal" social battles that i can tell

2. most importantly, the personality bars are huge and right in the middle of the screen
and are incredibly annoying

3. when you decide to press space for pheramones, you simply click the corresponding button to the personality
that has been lighting up the whole time. There is no skill or thought involved

4. when you pick the button, it is simply a one button win. What i mean by that is that it is not an additional dialogue option similar to fallout, where you simply get more or better options as to what to say. It is simply
"release omega pheramones, instantly win the social battle"

It is IMHO (and for my playstyle) the worst aug i have chosen, and i wish that i could "unchoose" it, i really botched not saving before that.

that all being said, i did use it to my advantage twice
the injured PI and also the asian contact on the rooftop to get her to spill what the datapad is about