View Full Version : Tranq Darts? Where to get them?

30th Aug 2011, 11:51
It is rather strange i have more than enough ammo for any gun except for my Tranqulliser gun and i cant seem to find more ammo or buy more. I just got out of Detroit and still i hardly have ammo ...

Someone knows where to get more? (Were in Detroit more than 2 shops?)
Btw. im not using takedowns at all maybe the game is designed for barely enough for ppl using takedowns?

30th Aug 2011, 12:16
Well ive got about 30 ammo in my tranq gun at present, although my first preference is to use a takedown as some enemies have helmets on

Ive found a reasonable amount in drawers, shops but actual gun ammo seem more plentiful!

Have you considered using the stun gun aswell? Theres also another non lethal high tec weapon after detroit in one of the locked garages..