View Full Version : Thank you Eidos

30th Aug 2011, 07:08
Thank you for a wonderful gaming experience. I played the first games, back when they were released and now I've just gone through DX:HR. I feel you have kept in-line with the original lore and you have done a great job connecting odds and ends.

I'll let the experience linger for a few days, like a good book, and then start my second playthrough and hopefully we will also see a bucketload of DLC in the near future.

In terms of bugs and inconsistencies I didnt really find many through my first 40 hours of DX:HR gaming. I only crashed once and that was my GFX-card driver that crashed.

It's been awhile since I was actually moved by a game experience, but DX:HR did that for me.
Obviously there is always room for improvement, nothing is perfect. But I think you came damn near close. :)

The only thing I disliked was the simpleton boss-fights. It feels far away from the rest of the game, and like its been implemented almost like an afterthought. I dont mind a challenge in the end of a chapter, but the hack n slash approach doesn't suite the DX universe.