View Full Version : Do corporations have more power than the govt?

30th Aug 2011, 03:22
In this game? In the trailer that's what Adam says, but it seems like that's not true. Sarif is being called to present to the Federal govt of the USA, and the Illimunati is apparently trying to get stuff regulated by the Feds too.

Some ebook I found says that people are citizens of corporations, not nation-states. But I don't see how that's the case in the game. It seems like everyone working for Sarif is still very much an American citizen first.

30th Aug 2011, 03:45
Unless you consider the Illuminati a form of government, then I would say corporations are more powerful. Many nations have been broken up. Parts of the US seceded from the Union. Most countries are in civil war. Biomedical companies that deal in augmentation are shaping the future of humanity. They also have a large amount of control through neuropozyne, similar to the rationing of ambrosia in the original Deus Ex. The politicians are essentially figureheads that are controlled by powerful corporations and shadow governments like the Illuminati.