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30th Aug 2011, 03:06
:hmm:Ok, this is my first experience with "Dues Ex:Human Revolution" (I think there was a edition before this one?). Anyway, I loved the game.. I liked the combination of first person shooter, mixed in with role-playing / stratedgy, to me it had just the right combination of both. Only thing I really wished for was... that the story kept going on some more, I'd like another 24 hrs of straight game play with this game.

Anyway, on to my question. Only thing I did not like was the fact I was not able to "unlock all my augmentations" before the game ended. I'm sure it had something to do with my choices along the way and the XP points I picked up, but I feel I did rather well and still had quite a few augmentations that were still locked (not purchased yet).

It may also have to do with the fact I did not find all the "hidden praxis kits" lying around? I think I found just two, the others were either purchased from LIMB or earned through XP points. I still had about 5 or 6 more augmentations to purchase / unlock and am disappointed I did not get to experience them all / use them all. So, I have a few questions...

1) Exactly how many "Praxis Kits are hidden" throughout the game that you can just pick up?

2) What "Augmentations" are BEST to "unlock first"? (which ones will benefit you the most early on, so you can gain the other augmentations faster?). For example, should you build up your "hacking skills" first, I left behind quite a few security protected storage units / doors (apartments) / safes / computers.. I was thinking if I had gained access to these things early on, I would have gotten some goodies I missed.

3) If you get the "Social Skills Augmentation", does it really change how you can influence people?

4) **Spoiler** >> At the end of the game, I had 3 choices to choose from, I choose the "Sarif" press release, do the other 2 choices change anything major?

5) I played the "middle" difficulty setting, does either the "easiest" or "hardest" allow unlocking "Augmentations" faster? Perhaps on harder you gain more XP, or on easiest you find more "Praxis Kits", or is there really no difference?

I plan on doing another play through, I want to start tonight, but I want some feedback on how to build up my augmentations faster, so I can really put them to use. I also want to get some of the more powerful weapons early on, for example.. at the beginning of the game I was finding "rockets", but no rocket launcher and never ran across a rocket launcher until I made it to the platform in the arctic (found by some guys dead body), my hud was already filled up with my best goodies and I did not want to drop anything, so I never got to first it.

Anyway.. I will check back in an hour or so, hopefully someone will reply!

30th Aug 2011, 04:26
Btw.. where are the "game saves" located @ for "Deus Ex:HR"? I want to start a 'new game' so I can try and aug up better / quicker, but I do not want to loose my original game saves either and plan on backing them up and compressing them with WinRAR.

30th Aug 2011, 04:53
I'm not entirely sure how many Praxis kits are "hidden" -- right now the only way to get that info might be through an official guide, seeing as how the game is still quite new, and the kits I did find were very well hidden.

As for unlocking everything... well, you're not going to like the answer I'm going to give, but I'll give it any way.
You aren't meant to see everything in one playthrough. In fact, in the original Deus Ex, choosing one augmentation, meant that you permenantly locked your ability to choose another augmentation (i.e you could only view/ use half the augs in the game on any one play through). It's the same here - I'm actually surprised that the player is able to unlock so much on a single playthrough.

There are some tips to help you maximize experience/ money, and subsequently augs.

Hack EVERYTHING. Even if you have the code, even if the the process is hard. The hacking adds up, and there are always the possibilities for bonuses.

Be non-lethal. You get more points for knocking people out. As such, try and knock out as many bad guys as possible (doesn't work on civilians or cops - sorry). Also - using your melee takedowns to knock people out earns you even more points - so do it as often as possible.

As a result of the hacking and the take-down bonuses, it is usually a good idea to get hacking upgrades and the reflex booster early in the game (thus you can take down more people for less energy, and hack more doors - which will also net you more cash to find, ammo you can sell, etc).

Always try and go for hacking bonuses. On a similar note, try to "ghost" and "smooth operator" levels -that is get through hostile areas without being seen by enemies, and without getting an alarm raised. You get big bonuses for these.

Even if you know where to go, take a vent shaft to get there. You earn extra points by crawling around behind the scenes (even if you've already cleared/ knocked out an area).

Use the dealers in the game to sell off weapons and ammo you don't need if you are having trouble buying praxis kits.

Look for books that give you XP points. There are just enough of them in the game that if you find them all, it is worth an extra praxis point (not to mention an achievement/ trophy).

30th Aug 2011, 06:39
Ok... I figured as much, just wanted to get some other players input. I figured the "stealthy" approaches go well too. Especially when that is one of the requests, example: get through 'derelick row' without being detected, if you make it through, undetected, you get 2x the XP points.