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30th Aug 2011, 01:38
Anyone who hasn't reached the final mission of the game; this is about that mission, so back up now to avoid spoilers...

On Panacaea, I've found Taggart, and had a nice chat with him, moved forward to the next section, and Sarif called for help. Now, I can't seem to find Sarif anywhere. Do I, perhaps, need to move backwards to find him? Or is the arm augmentation needed? (I've got 4 Praxis Points and nothing really to spend them on, if those are needed). Any hints or exact guides would help a lot. Cheers.

30th Aug 2011, 01:48
The part before you get to the elevator where there's a bunch of zombies on a catwalk there's a bottom floor you need to explorer.

30th Aug 2011, 01:52
2 Ways to get to his floor:

If you have the safe fall aug, jump down the open giant vent shaft by the 3 or 4 floors of catwalks


Theres a regular elevator inbetween the area with the 3-4 floors of catwalks and the last catwalk that leads to Elevator that asks if you want to go down "Yes or No"

Both lead to where Sarif is

30th Aug 2011, 01:54
There's a part where you're on a catwalk outdoors, on one side there's a wall with keypad-locked doors, and in that area there are large pipes every 10 feet or so coming out from below on an angle.

Descend from the platforms you're on and find a big opening hole in the ground, you'll see some people at the bottom. Make sure you have Icarus aug so you can land safely, and jump down through that hole. Might want to stun the folks at the bottom with it too. At that point just follow the signs to the machine room where Sarif and co are waiting.