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30th Aug 2011, 01:12
ok this game and its need to push stealth on you can be compared t o hideo kojimas masterpiece mgs.. and that my friends is a compliment.
even that game allowed you to restart with infinite stealth or the bandannas. and that game is no joke game by any means
so why shouldnt eidos montreal allow cheat modes for us, is it that far fetched for me to actually want to play the game as the most advanced augmented person to date with a perfect genetic code. so that means all the augments work that much better on him, at least according to human revolution.
so it would make since that i should be able to recharge more than one power cell at a time. i should be able to use just about any thing as a weapon after all jensen is a highly trained officer /s.w.a.t. and melee shouldnt have to cost just so you dont run around like the bad ass that sariff industries actually made you to be , right or wrong?

the fact that hes advanced in every way but can only sprint for a couple seconds,and its not likes hes sprinting at 40mph for a couple seconds which would be understandable, but if i am so advanced should i be able to sprint for at least ten seconds before upgrade.

also i should be able to punch down doors,i mean im super stong i can lift up a 1 ton vending machine but can bust down a wood door.

i shouldn't fall to my death so easily just so they could fit in the Icarus landing mod, when logically speaking if i had strength to jump a standing 9 ft i would be able to with stand falls from at least two or three floors, right or wrong?

i kind of feel like a lot of this was done to make the game as they say unbreakable , but why make a guy thats supposed to be the echelon of augmentation tech ,and severely hamper him in so many clearly obvious ways.

eidos montreal according to the ingame dialog jensen talks like hes is all powerful and makes the right choices based on his on merit ,free will, and because hes a good person not because he limited to so the game would be balanced.

now if there was a mode where you where like all powerfull and you had those powers and didnt use them and then focused on saving people it would actually mean that much more because you made the choice to do so, not devs.

thats why im asking for this stuff as like a added bonus ,fine i beat the game your way eidos and i loved it..now let us beat the game the way a lot of us really want to , super aug bad ass invisible style .

seriously it would be mad cool to be able to run through the game with infinite energy and all augs on a super hard mode, after all jensen all ready has all of those mods anyway its not like the otherss where you have to find the aug canisters.

thansk for reading my lengthy post and i hope you all can see where im coming from, i hope the days of the cheat codes are not long and gone.

31st Aug 2011, 00:07
you know you want a deus ex cheat mode

Otaku Son
31st Aug 2011, 00:22
Why not just download a trainer, then? Most of the trainers out there right now are junk, but I found one (and ONLY ONE) on filestube that—though buggy—works once you know how to debug it.

31st Aug 2011, 00:25
im one of the many ps3 owners , so i dont have access to that

31st Aug 2011, 06:42
buy a pc