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29th Aug 2011, 21:22
Hi guys, I want to hear what other gamers have discovered through their own playthrough.
I am still experimenting so I will post more in the future but I am eager to hear what others have to say!

I will start by saying I play a hack-stealth build so for me the C.A.S.I.E aug along with stealth hack, cloack system, capture and smart vision was the main focus early in the game (obviously). I did not invest any points in the stealth enhancement branch as smart vision is all I need nor did I put praxis in the silent running as crouching is energy free and as efficient just a bit slower but rushing is not the point. multiple take-down is useful too also with the free-falling aug (nice animation:cool:).
I always keep some praxis on hand in order to 1- be consistent with my play style, since by playing stealth you get showered with xp and if you explore enough you get hidden praxis kit so I won't be walking with maxed augs.
2- have the option to change my strategy on the fly.

Best gun: Zenith with full mods ( silencer, laser,armor piercing), Stun gun for stealth and revolver for combat style. Loved the shotgun but this is a matter of personal taste. technically the combat rifle is great when mod but again all weapons can be used at some point so have fun. only the heavy rifle feels too cluncky for me unless you have full recoil reduction.

Stealth - combat alternative : typhoon with cloak , love to sneak and blast them all lol !

29th Aug 2011, 21:58
Remember that you can perform multiple actions simultaneously while hacking, eg, you can fortify one node while capturing another at the same time.

It's faster to capture a node if you possess more than one adjacent/connecting node.

You can SCROLL OUT to see the hacking map better. Can't emphasize how useful this is.

When you find pocket secretaries, you have to read them by pressing [ and looking at the messages there, this is the only way you can store access codes gained from secretaries. If you don't read it here, the access code doesn't appear when you're looking at the relevant door/safe/alarm/etc

If you're having a lot of trouble with a lone turret/robot, you can use your stun gun to temporarily disable it. If you have +Strength Aug you can move/throw turrets, I haven't tried with the robots. Disable a turret and move it somewhere out of the way if its giving you a hard time.

You can use a silenced pistol to lure enemies away from where they're standing by shooting somewhere near them, they will investigate the impact point and you can fire several in a line to lead them somewhere where you are able to take them out silently.

29th Aug 2011, 23:17
"Horde" praxis points for as long as you can, only upgrade if it's absolutely necessary.

Before spending praxis points on upgrades, see if there's an alternative way to get in or get around something.

Save your game before upgrading, in case you decide the upgrade wasn't worth it.

Carefully check how much energy an upgrade consumes. Cloak, for example, is extremely power hungry.

Drag enemies into a safe location where they can't be seen before looting bodies.

Crossbow darts can be retrieved from bodies.

Carefully observe guard patterns before take downs. Make sure the arrow on your radar faces away from you before attempting take downs.