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24th Apr 2014, 21:20
List which perk you find best for which class and why.
Personally im a fan of ability cooldown.
However im thinking which perks could be better for Scout and the Deceiver.

24th Apr 2014, 21:44
tinkerer for alchy, sent, hunter, reaver need undying wisdom rest im undecided

24th Apr 2014, 23:25
Ability cooldowns on both sides are the safest options IMO, as they are good for basically everyone with abilities, but there are some that I find useful and enjoyable as well, but more dependant on specific class and abilities.

Tinkerer increases maximum clip of Fullbore Cannon for alchemist, making it basically a standard Hand Cannon with more damage per shot, and those additional 30 damage per hit is quite important, as normal Hand Cannon cannot disrupt a pounce on your ally in one hit. Not to mention Fullbore Can also cause sentinel to let go of your ally, and it's much easier to hit him with one bomb rather than two, and can also cause Reaver to fall in mid-air while pouncing on you. I find such additional distrupts quite useful, and one more ammo in the clip is always welcome.
Depending on my other skills I always like to take Quick Hands for a quick reload, which is especially good on Alch because every round is loaded separately. It's also good for a Bolt Thrower in reducing its incredibly long reload time compared to other Hunter crossbows.
Of course Fleet Footed is a good choice for every class to quickly get out of vampire's range, out of thrown grenade/jumping tyrant, or simply to go back quickly to assist your allies after you die.
I can't really tell if I would use either Steadiness or Deadeye, haven't used them in the game enough to tell the difference, but some people do recommend it.

For Vampire perks I find Bloodlust to be quite useful on a Reaver when you use it together with Haste, especially that I have an item that gives additional 5% of attack and movement speed stacking with Bloodlust's bonuses. With a total bonus 45% attack and movement speed you can easily kill another nearby human after ambushing the first one you got half of your bonuses from.
Berserker increases damage from your skills, so it's nice stack it together with Tyrant's Enrage, or just Tyrant at all, with his 33% health being higher than that of other people. It's also good on Reaver if you use a Savage Pounce from long range, practically an insta-kill from just a pounce. It may also work well on Deciever, drastically increasing his backstab damage.
Wall climb is a nice option if you want to get out of the fight quickly after engaging. The risk of being taken down on the wall is still there, but not as high if you climb much faster.
Feast is a good perk for Tyrant that likes to stay in battle for a long time, granting him a nice bonus from eating a corpse, healing even more of his high health.

I wouldn't even look at other perks if I were you...

25th Apr 2014, 00:00
The class guides give recommended perks for each class. :)

30th Apr 2014, 12:31
Wall climbing for sentinel with dive bomb/air strike, getting up after a failed abduct is extremely important

30th Apr 2014, 13:57
I use acrobat and regeneration with my sentinel. Sentinels have the fastest base climb rate (by far) and no true damage negation/defensive skill, unlike the other classes, so acrobat gets you out fairly fast when under fire. If you play a bit less aggressive, run regeneration.

30th Apr 2014, 14:34
I have faster skill cooldown on my Sentinel. Tinkerer is great for Alchemist and my Scout.

30th Apr 2014, 15:01
^^ also on the guide for recommended perks.

21st May 2014, 18:24
Tinkerer for alch (fullbore), -15% ability cooldown for hunter and tyrant. I've used frenzy with Marathon, with nice results too.

21st May 2014, 23:01
For my Hunter: I switch back and forth between Quick Wits (Cooldown) and Deadeye (less spread) depending on gut feelings.
Scout: Quick Wits or Tinkerer
Alchemist: Tinkerer

Reaver: Undying Wisdom
Sentinel: Undying Wisdom
Nothing for Tyrant cuz I don't use the giant lug.

22nd May 2014, 11:11
Pretty much for every scout weapon, the extended ammo perk (forgot name) especially for stormbow, way more then often my last shot is what ends the battle, saving my self from death! Sometimes tho with storm bow of corse, I die but they die when its explodes.. but you get my point!

For Alch, I say faster reload perk.

For huntard, ether reduce recoil or reduce spread (depending on the weapon)

For vampires, i dono i just use faster regen, i don't really care for their perks all to much.

23rd May 2014, 18:57
Undying wisdom for tyrant, reaver, and sentinel. Nimbleness for Deceiver. Deadeye for Hunter, Tinkerer for Scout and Alchemist.

1st Jun 2014, 21:55
Which is better: Deadeye or steadiness?

Thanks all!

1st Jun 2014, 22:00
I'd say steadiness just to answer your question, as shot spread isn't too huge of a deal. Personally I'd skip those and take tinkerer, cooldown or catlike reflexes if grapple is a thing

1st Jun 2014, 22:07

2nd Jun 2014, 04:26
Deadeye on Hunter. Prefer it over Steadiness as recoil can be controlled whereas spread cannot, and default spread is pretty high right now.

Undying Wisdom on Reaver is a pretty easy choice for me, at least with the choking haze/evasion build. Poison has a pretty long cooldown by default. It's also free damage so you might as well throw as much of it as possible. It's also a bad idea to engage without evasion up so that being off cooldown more often is important. If I'm running the all-in Haste build I like Bloodlust because you're generally committed once you engage anyway and after getting a kill your melee and movement speeds start getting silly. Not a big fan of the Haste build though.

2nd Jun 2014, 07:37
Deadeye on Hunter. Prefer it over Steadiness as recoil can be controlled whereas spread cannot Especially with proper mouse software :naughty:

3rd Jun 2014, 19:16
These are the perks I use:

Hunter = Deadeye
Alchemist = Tinkerer
Scout = Fleet of Foot
Prophet = Doesn't really matter, class is ridiculous.

Reaver = Undying Wisdom
Tyrant = Feast
Sentinel = Undying Wisdom
Deceiver = Regeneration

4th Jun 2014, 05:58
After the firing speed nerf on Scout, tinkerer is probably the best. Recoil on undrawn shots doesn't mess with you much any more, but I can see why some people still use deadeye.