View Full Version : possible fix for stuttering?!

29th Aug 2011, 17:24
My specs: 2600 k
gtx 570 SLI (2x)
asus maximus IV x. 3.0
850 w dark power pro p9
16 gb 1600 mhz king. hyperX

I bought Deus Ex Human Revolution and I also have the stuttering issue. First I had version 0.618 (???) of the game and it used around 430 mb maybe 460 mb. It stuttered a little bit, after loading a save the frames dropped to 23 , even with ONE CARD! but in general the frames were at 60 fps (V-SYNC ON to 60 Hz). Sometimes frames went down to 50 sometimes 40 fps, but cards were just stressed 40 - 50 %, single card 80 - 90 %. I thought patch 0.620 would solve the problem and I installed it. Now RAM usage is at 5xx mb, 599 mb are allocated to it. But stuttering got worse, now the fps after loading a save are at 4 FPS!!!! and in general they drop to 40 fps, often 20!!!!!!!!!! I also noticed that with the new patch processor usage sometimes at 100 % on all cores!!! intel core i7 2600 k at 4,4 ghz! why can it only use 599 mb!!!!! is it possible to limit RAM usage e.g. to 300 mb or 400 mb, to see what effect it has? I don't think EIDOS cares about the problem, I wouldn't too, PC just brings not enough money...this game is a console game: 300 mb graphic usage, 500 mb RAM aren't this the specs of PS / xbox. And why do I need such a bombastic processor to play this game, it just has bad ps2 graphics!

29th Aug 2011, 17:41
okay i could fix the processor problem by taking the second video card, for testing performance I déactivated second card, but stuttering didn't go away