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29th Aug 2011, 16:51
Since i havent found a thread about this now and i think that this is a rather big problem in DX:HR and in many recent games:

So most new games posess cinematic sequences that are built into the gameplay. Problem is it is a rather bad design decision from my point of view and it is a rather common problem in many other game-aspects aswell.

So what is the problem. There is a game were you want to add some awesome flashy moves in Deus EX:HR they are:
- Takedowns
- Jumping down with the aug
- jump from cover to cover
- etc.

If you see those things sure they doo look awesome. The problem is if something repeats over and over again it is not awesome anymore. But the bigger problem is the flashier the animations and the longer those take not to mention the more often they repeate the more annyoing they actually get.

It hink one could compare that to many things like for example the game-intro-logos etc. they look nice at first but after that most of the time they are just in the way and annoying. Or even waht i would call the "Superhero"-Dilemma in most online games where everybody is a special-hero which leads to no one actually beeing a superhero since there are no normal people there. So by this sort of idea the same thing happens over and over everything just gets less awesome instead of more awesome.

And i think this is a big problem in DeusEX:HR there are many things that are made too look "ultra-cool" with super flashy animations and lots of useless movements just too make something look even more awesome. The problem is that they repeat forever and just get annoying rather fast.
Not to mention that somethign that is happening all the time simply is not awesome or outstanding in any way in the context of the game/movie were its used.

So i wonder what the Developers/Gamers standpoint is on those things?

My idea would be to try to make things more awesome by actually making those most of the game more normal and make those things stand out more. And i think it is especially a big problem since for example in DeusEx:HR there is no normal melee that would make takedowns actually something special.

29th Aug 2011, 17:53
Man you really like the word awesome, your not Barney Stinson are you?:lol: I joke

Seriously though, if these things annoy you to that degree you can simply choose to not use them by either a) not buying the aug or b) not using the aug.

Its a simple question of choice, if your seeing these animations too much its becuase your choosing to do so, same with the 3rd person view.

I'm not trying to have a go here just trying to point out that these things are user controlled at the end of the day and in no way forced upon you to use them, the Deus Ex way...........there is ALWAYS another way.

29th Aug 2011, 18:06
I like em.