View Full Version : Call me stupid, Stun Gun Darts

29th Aug 2011, 14:52
This is going to sound silly. How do I use Stun gun darts? Can they be loaded into my pistol, or is there a separate gun out there specifically for the Darts? Also, how do I throw a concusion grenade?



Cerulean Shaman
29th Aug 2011, 14:55
Yes, there is, called a stun gun. As for grenades, equip them and use your grenade throw button. It's g by default on the keyboard, don't know what it is on controller.

29th Aug 2011, 15:29
Why do people ask things that could be solved by only opening the controls menu?

29th Aug 2011, 15:36
The only truly stupid thing is not asking or looking for the answer.