View Full Version : Xbox 360- pal-Game breaking Bug(s)

29th Aug 2011, 14:46
Side Quest Mission/Motherly Ties(S3) Break point dialogue with Cassandra Reed@ Chiron Building there are no options to choose. game is unplayable. I am forced to revert to previous load state and ignore side quest as progression is not possible.

Useful info
Completed the following:

1.located det chase building
2.meet with det.chase
3.locate captain penns office
4.locate the dmpd storage unit(read all ebook evidence i think there were 3 or 4)
5.find all info relating to the case
6.investigate captain penns computer

7. upon returning to cassandra reed i chose the following dialogue
1.Complete quest.
2.Medical examiner
Upon completion of dialogue and text it waits for further user input with no options to press and no exit

29th Aug 2011, 16:21
Theres a 4th thing you have to do, there is an officer in the police station that "Handled" the evidence. you ahve to talk to him and get dirt on him so he tell's you what he did and who gave him the orders.