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29th Aug 2011, 13:10
http://s2.postimage.org/we8ndmjo/Clipboard01.jpg (http://postimage.org/image/we8ndmjo/)

Who did concept art for this shot? I would love to see some concept art from this game.. although I know it's probably considered a trade secret. I wish you released some art cause the bonus DVD was extremely disapointing. One big trailer and a waste of money/resources.

This game is visually amazing. No words really, just look at it. This is what happens when developers have time to play. Amazing, amazing visuals, and the music, McCann did NOT disappoint! Props to audio team as well for amazing mastering. I enjoyed this game like a teen 10 years ago when I played DX. Examining every scene object in detail and watching the overall shot and noticing how much was conveyed artistically versus the scene props count/fx.

Characters stand out in the scenes, something is not applied to them, some effect (SSAO :( ?), and they lack a tiny bit of depth.

And the "live action" piece with Sarif...amazing stuff. Just about anything in this game looks good. A simple look down the hallway or down the street, everything really atmospheric and as close to being the "Blade Runner" of video games as any game got so far IMO.

The game is not hard, the mouse is not to blame, movement is clunky, it bogs the game a bit ;)

Show us some concept art, PLEASE!

Amazing job, E Montreal!

29th Aug 2011, 13:53
Alot of games lack atmosphere.

The last game I played that had that feeling to it was Demon's Souls and it had that medieval apocalypse vibe going for it but not much story.

DXHR really knocks it out of the park with that.
I guess you could say bioshock as well but I didn't like that game as much.

I think alot of games don't go far enough with their background. DXHR applies prosthesis technology to everything in the world. There is no one in the game's universe that is unaffected by it some way or manner.

I really enjoyed MGS4 but it never took the PMC issue into everyday life for people. You only saw a few characters affected by it. Mostly military too.

29th Aug 2011, 15:19
Amnesia the dark descent and Deus Ex Human Revolution are currently the only games what have recently came out and have atmosphere. Human revolution is just stunning, the art design in it just incredible. The levels are so huge and detailed etc. The HR development team was incredibly talented.