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24th Apr 2014, 18:29

Nosgoth class damage isn't clear. In this video I calculated the damage per second of all the current available classes in Nosgoth. White normal damage without abilities.

24th Apr 2014, 22:51
Pretty cool video. Of course many things are not included in the video, like total damage per clip, maximum potential Scout damage with charged shots, or the fact that Alchemist can deal more damage overall with her AoE attacks, not to mention different DPS with different weapons. But I like that this video more or less confirms that when it comes to overall melee dps vampires are inferior to DPS humans cause. I've seen many people claiming that vampires still deal too much damage with normal attacks and should be nerfed. Well joke's on you!

24th Apr 2014, 23:14
Nicely produced.

I will say we evaluate Vampire DPS a bit higher than your numbers. Given the exact length of the melee attack anims, vampire melee DPS looks more like:
Reaver - 285
Tyrant - 263
Sentinel - 270
Deceiver - 278

We did at an earlier point in development have Vampire melee DPS numbers that were higher but intentionally redistributed some of that damage into abilities, particularly aimed/skillshot abilities like Pounce or Jump Attack. We found that high melee dps made vampires entirely too effective on the low end of the skill curve - and they still were due to melee aim assist for quite awhile, and may STILL be despite all the changes.

You also have to factor in clip sizes and reload times into "real world DPS" - Alchemist can't sustain 300 DPS for instance due to reload mechanics.

For instance if you considered DPS over a longer time window, say 10 seconds..
Vampire DPS is constant assuming melee range.
Hunter empties his clip in ~4.65 sec with a 2 sec reload, leaving 10-(4.65+2)=3.35 sec for more shooting, or roughly 3.35*4.3 =~ 14 shots.
That's 34 shots * 75 damage = 2550 damage. 2550 / 10 sec = 255 DPS. Much lower than his peak calculated white damage.

25th Apr 2014, 12:31
Thanks for all the kind word words guys. Like said in the video this is just a very rough idea, an attempt (almost impossible to achieve) to rank all the classes damage.

Thanks for your answer Corey, that clears up a lot. I'm gonna quote your answer on my video.

28th Apr 2014, 14:45
Corey, could you explain Reaver Leap Attack damage, please?

Since it doesnt have a charge time, i thought that range was sole determining factor, but it doesnt appear to be the case either.

Is there a hidden charge timer with Leap Attack? So the longer you stay in the prone position the more potential damage you do?

Edit: On a side note, with the addition of Sweep Kick, Leap attack feels completely pointless. Before it was good for a quick attack that didnt leave you vulnerable while you had an enemy pinned down. Sweep Kick now fills this role, with an added knock back...while also providing higher and more stable damage as well and being an AOE on top of that.
Additionally being running around in the prone state gives your position awhile since your Reaver growls.... While Sweep Kick allows you to stay quiet and stealthy.
Do you think Leap could be re-looked at? It use to be my favorite RMB ability, but now it just seems obsolete.

28th Apr 2014, 22:56
A very good video and everyone in the world should be ashamed they didn't do the investigation themselves, I know I am! :C

21st Jul 2014, 14:41
So looking at your post Corey, I did up these calculations on attacks per second:

Reaver: 285/185 is 1.5405 attacks per second
Tyrant: 263/225 is 1.168
Deceiver: 278/200 is 1.39
Sentinel: 270/200 is 1.35.

Now since your numbers were released Reaver and Deceiver damage has been tweaked so new dps would be

Reaver: 180*1.504 is 270
Deceiver: 205*1.39 is 285.

So Deceiver now has best melee before applying haste or enrage.

EDIT: Damage while using haste and enrage:

Reaver: 180*(1.504*1.25) is 338
Tyrant minimum enrage: (225*1.29)*1.168 is 339
Tyrant max enrage: (225*1.5)*1.168 is 394.2

21st Jul 2014, 16:52
I believe these are the current Human numbers for Damage Per Second (DPS) and Damage Per Clip (DPC).
The numbers for the Scout's Charged Shot are probably incorrect though, because I don't know how long the delay between firing a charged shot and being able to charge up again is (the numbers are based on being NO delay).



234 DPS
1080 DPC
237.5 Charged Shot DPS
2850 Charged Shot DPC

227.5 DPS
1050 DPC
288.4615384615385 Charged Shot DPS
2250 Charged Shot DPC

237.5 DPS
950 DPC
237.5 Charged Shot DPS
2375 Charged Shot DPC

234 DPS
780 DPC
160 Charged Shot DPS
1600 Charged Shot DPC



253 DPS
1265 DPC

247.5 DPS
1320 DPC

247.5 DPS
1260 DPC

247 DPS
1170 DPC



322.5 DPS
1500 DPC

332.5 DPS
1520 DPC

301 DPS
2520 DPC

399 DPS (?)
1470 DPC



308 DPS
1320 DPC

300 DPS
1250 DPC

308 DPS
1320 DPC

312 DPS
1200 DPC

21st Jul 2014, 18:04
My only criticism for you ztark is multi cannon. Since it shoots shotgun like your less likely to hit all 3 grenades, unlike multibow

22nd Jul 2014, 11:26
Here are some values I made for Hunter a while back and updated today.
It should be correct and I counted first the damage per minute, which included reload time and how fast one clip empties and from that I counted the dps.

25th Jul 2014, 00:36
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the delay after firing a charged shot makes the DPS a lot lower than normal DPS, but it would have completely changed how I play Scout if it proved to be true :P I've already tried using the Swiftbow charge during combat, it feels good for helping out teammates thanks to the burst you suddenly apply to any vampire in their face but I haven't tried firing every shot charged when a vampire is attacking me. It would be really cool if it happened to be stronger.

25th Jul 2014, 01:13
I agree the compound/storm/warbow all have higher DPS when they only use normal shots (and lower DPC that way though). I believe only using charged shots with the swiftbow does indeed have higher DPS than the other bows using only normal shots (and of course the highest DPC that way since they are charged shots). I have no clue on what the exact numbers for the DPS that way are obviously, just that it is indeed higher than 237.5. Could be wrong though. :-/

25th Jul 2014, 02:04
Well thanks for taking the time to calculate the DPS anyway, always nice to have numbers. It's a bit of a shame to see the Prophet numbers though, they feel like they do so much more especially when duelling.

26th Jan 2015, 07:12
(attacks per second)=APS

I need to know this, does anyone have the info?

by APS i mean when spamming attack

and i need to know there base damage and charged attack damage

26th Jan 2015, 07:49
This thread covers everything you need to know. Posts 3 and 7 deal with vampire stuff best
Charged attack damage isn't mentioned but it scales up to double a standard attack and I seem to remember the charge time being about 1.25 seconds (confirmed may 6th patch notes)

26th Jan 2015, 10:39
(attacks per second)=APS

I need to know this, does anyone have the info?

by APS i mean when spamming attack

and i need to know there base damage and charged attack damage

All the info that helps you set up macro's.
I doubt you will get anyone to answer this willingly.

26th Jan 2015, 12:40
All the info that helps you set up macro's.
I doubt you will get anyone to answer this willingly.

Or he is just calculating dps...

26th Jan 2015, 12:59
All the info that helps you set up macro's.
I doubt you will get anyone to answer this willingly.

nice conclusion lol. He is prob making a spreadsheet of stuff for his own education.

26th Jan 2015, 13:46
also, pls let him have a makro for it. It will likely perform worse than a player in actual combat.

26th Jan 2015, 14:56
also, pls let him have a makro for it. It will likely perform worse than a player in actual combat.


26th Jan 2015, 15:12
What exactly would those makros do? I'm curious cause I don't see any gain here.

26th Jan 2015, 18:01
Makros is one of those things people say without thinking much, like "pay2win" or "omg hes a haxor, landing every charged shot on me secretly sitting on that roof noone knows about"

26th Jan 2015, 19:09
lol its to disprove to some people that

1-vampires have more hp

2-vampires have more dps

but for 2 i had to know attacks per second, as i already knew damage.