View Full Version : Mass murdering Psychopath

29th Aug 2011, 08:28
As the titles says iam having fun playing this guy though i keep people alive if they have a use , can you guys recomend a aug upgrades for me :D?
I've done the first mission with the hostages and the armour missile thing ( you can correct me i cant remember the name) , oh i and bought the upgrade radar with my first praxis point

29th Aug 2011, 12:45
I recomend you to save your praxis to spend it when you really need it, specially in the early missions. The radar aug is just an extra you don't really need. I mean if you are on a mission and you find a computer with a level above your hacking skills it's good to have a praxis in your inventory so you don't get stuck.

So yea my advice is to don't use praxis the moment you get them, just save it so you can advance in the game...When you have 3 or 4 then yes you can get something fancy.