View Full Version : Where is the graphics config information stored for DXHR?

29th Aug 2011, 07:34
Is there an .ini file or...?

Here's my situation: I tried to play the game at default settings... Well, I don't have a graphics card the supports DX11, so it told me my rig was crap and advised I change my settings. So I restart the game and proceed to change some graphics settings. Well, don't ask me exactly how I did it, but I managed to set the game at a resolution my monitor doesn't support. So when I launch the game, my PC thinks everything is wonderful, I hear the music playing, but the only thing on the monitor is 'unsupported resolution'.

So I went searching around for a config file. Hmm, no config file? Those settings have to be written somewhere... Poked around in regedit a bit, and ah!! Eidos! Graphics! Oh look, resolutions! So I tweak them to my monitor's native res and try the game again. Same unsupported res. Back to regedit... Resolutions set back to where they were the first time I%

29th Aug 2011, 08:11
Okay, it did not rewrite the registry settings (I thought that seemed odd). The res for fullscreen and 'locked' are both still set at 1920x1080. Nonethless, still not getting video. Pfft.

29th Aug 2011, 08:14
Use the option in Steam to setup the game, then select a resolution you monitor supports (it looks like your videocard allows you to set resolutions that your monitor does not support), and then play the game again after that.

29th Aug 2011, 08:15
Got it, thanks. Feel silly now.