View Full Version : Hangar 18? [Possible Spoilers]

29th Aug 2011, 03:18
Does anyone know what the email you get the Hangar 18 achievement/trophy for is referencing? It feels like it's supposed to be fairly obvious, but I'm just not getting it

29th Aug 2011, 03:34
Hangar 18 is the most famous building at Area 51

29th Aug 2011, 03:58
haha, i thought a lot of people wouldn't get it and i busted out laughing when i hacked that computer. it's referencing a song by Megadeth called Hanger 18 (the content of the email is essentially part of the lyrics of the song slightly changed and the email is sent by Dave One, the main guitarist/songwriter/singer for Megadeth is Dave Mustaine). I've seen some of the developers wearing metal shirts so when I read it i laughed pretty hard but it's a shame that not everyone will get it and will just be going wtf? the song is about area 51 and military secrets and conspiracies and stuff like that so it ties into the game (in a tiny tiny way and is obviously more of just an easter egg)


the parts in the email relate to the lyrics foreign lifeforms inventory, suspended state of cryogenics, selective amnesia's the story etc