View Full Version : HELP - In Hengsha, with Van Bruggen

28th Aug 2011, 20:24
Hey so I want to know if after Tai Yong Medical's swat troops come in the ALICE Pod Hotel, if I'm able to go back to the Pod hotel after the following events, or if that map is locked out period.

28th Aug 2011, 21:01
I haven't gone back since I completely cleared it on my way out. I know you can't get back in through the front door but you probably can get back in through the back-door that's surrounded by TYM guards. As far as I could tell everything's accessible except the front entrance office (so hope you cleared that already?). Cheers

28th Aug 2011, 21:13
At least in the 2nd Hengsha visit, you arrive near the back door and it's locked down completely, as is The Hive. I doubt you can get back in once you leave.