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24th Apr 2014, 13:23
So far all Square enix games had a TF2 promo items , Nosgoth should not be the exception.

1.Why ?
To promote nosgoth

2.What nosgoth items could we use ?


Scout 's bow as new weapon for TF2 Sniper
Tyrant's armor piece as misc iteam for TF2 heavy
Pillars of nosgoth symbol as misc for all classes

3.How to obtain these items

To convince new players to Nosgoth we can borrow from Super monday night combat.
To obtain promos in SMNC you need to achieve certain goals in game(http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Flamingo_Kid , http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Triclops ) It will make people actually play the game instead of instal/obtain/forget .

use your imagination and post your ideas about possible promotional items

24th Apr 2014, 18:45
No one ever uses the badges/symbols in tf2.

Alch's belt would see some usage on pyro and demoman since they have good wizard hats/miscs.