View Full Version : [xbox360]saved games do not preserve augs or quest progress

28th Aug 2011, 17:00
I'm just starting out and doing the side quest where I am investigating the police cover-up behind the dead girlfriend and the main quest to get the augs from the dead guy. Here are the sequence of events as I remember them:

-Ran to police station
-Talked to Wagner, made him mad
-Talked to Haas, convinced him to allow me to roam around the station
-Ran to LIMB to complete the quest where I talk to the doc and get a praxis point
-Buy another point
-Equip the social aug and the cloak aug
-Run back to police station
-Use social aug to bully Wagner
-Go in the area normally forbidden to civilans
-Save before hacking any doors or computers

Loading either the Wagner save or the other hacking saves will restore me to a point prior to bullet point two.

There was one other weird thing I saw, but worked around by loading an old saved game. I ran into the forbidden area and made all the cops hostile. I then loaded an auto save which took me back to the main lobby of the police station. No one is hostile toward me, everything is fine. I walk out of the station and the cops out front are hostile and kill me before I can take one step. This was frustrating, but I got around it by loading an old save from before I showed up at the police station.