View Full Version : Directx 11 causes crashes

28th Aug 2011, 16:36
Any time I turn Directx 11 on it causes the game to crash. At first it would crash with 10 minutes of gameplay. Now it is immediately after the game loads.

As far as I know I have all my nVidia drivers up to date. I'm pretty sure the same goes for Directx.

Is there something I should be doing on my end, or is this an issue that is going to be resolved with a patch? Here are my computer specs:

Intel Core i7 960 3.2 Ghz Quad
12 Gb Ram
Windows 7 64 bit
nVidia GTX 460 ( slightly OC )
nVidia GTX 460 SE ( dedicated physx card )
MSI X58A - GD45 Motherboard