View Full Version : Eyefinity and 3D Surround

28th Aug 2011, 15:42
Is the AMD Eyefinity feature also compatable with Nvidia 3D surround (Without the 3D of course), because this game might just convince me to replace my nvidia cards with AMD ones just for a tripple screen playthrough

28th Aug 2011, 16:34
No, but you can use Nvidia 3D Surround in this game - http://widescreengamingforum.com/forum/forums/stereoscopic-3d-gaming/general-stereoscopic-3d-discussions/16660/workaround-enabling-3d .
(click on the 2D preview to download the full 3D screenshot)

http://wsgfmedia.com/uploads/thales100/3d_hr22.jpg (http://wsgfmedia.com/uploads/thales100/dxhr03_99.jps)