View Full Version : 4 cells, 1 filled only, no Cyberboost anywhere...

28th Aug 2011, 11:27

I have bought 4 cells and just one is always charged because I never find any Cyberboost anywhere. Is there another way to recharge all my cells as the 3 other cells I have serve absolutely nothing.

Thank you

28th Aug 2011, 18:53
Stop wasting all your energy bars.

28th Aug 2011, 18:59
No. You need to make more efficient use of your augs.

28th Aug 2011, 21:13
Seems to me it's not worth upgrading extra energy bars beyond 2 bars total, and focus on regen speeds.

2nd Sep 2011, 10:57
BIG lack of Cyberboost. It's not because I don't make efficient use of my energy at all.
When you can see through walls, blast walls, do a lot of stealth approch, it's insane how much energy you need
and yet no cyberboosts anywhere near you. you're facing one cell recharged when you have 4 or 5

Either an option to buy with Praxis an auto recharge cells or put more cyberboosts everywhere logicialy based on when you really need it. This real time item placement have already been seen in other games


2nd Sep 2011, 11:23

I have bought 4 cells and just one is always charged because I never find any Cyberboost anywhere. Is there another way to recharge all my cells as the 3 other cells I have serve absolutely nothing.

Thank you

Buy Cyberboosts at the LIMB clinics. And manage your resources.

2nd Sep 2011, 11:35
That's a pic of my inventory before the very end of the game.
There's plenty of of Cyberboost to go around, if you stock up when you have the chance.
But if you get into a situation where you don't have any cyberboost and you're out of energy, during some far away mission... You're screwed...

2nd Sep 2011, 11:41
explore better

2nd Sep 2011, 16:24
This is one area I think HR needs to improve. In DX, to replenish your bioenergy, you had bio cells you could carry in your inventory, or you could recharge using maintenance bots that were scattered around on every level. For a game touting choice as one of its selling points, they really don't give you much choice here.

I would change the energy system to be closer to what DX had in the first place: you have 100 energy to start. Using an aug drained the energy bar at various speeds depending on which aug you were using, or how many you had running at once. When it got low (no regen power), you simply used a biocell from your inventory (25 points/cell) or hooked up to a maintenance bot (full recharge).

2nd Sep 2011, 20:20
explore better

Seconded. :)

2nd Sep 2011, 20:35
no only one auto charges, i dont see the benifit of unlocking more then 2, or 3 bars max anyway ?,
and stock up on the cyberboost one that only take up 2 blocks in your inventory, they refill 3 bars at once(i got ***** loads of'm currently, too many),
and if all else fails, u never really NEED max energy to get to where u need to get

3rd Sep 2011, 00:07
I have to agree in this point, if you really wants to use your augs "energy boosts" are pretty rare, specially if you need to combine augmentations (stealth+takedowns+whatever=hardly possible).

PS: Before any "it was similar in DX" arguments, in the first game you could find a lot of energy cells relatively easily.

3rd Sep 2011, 01:12
I've played through the game three times now and fail to see the point in investing into additional energy cells. Even when cloaked you can simply consume an energy item to instantly refill your bars so the only time you actually lose any energy is from the ones that fill more than two cells. Besides, these items are not friendly towards your inventory space so I just use them to refill at LIMB clinics.

Energy management is not a positive aspect of this game and feels just like ammo management from Mass Effect 2. Even having a siphon augment that partially regenerates a cell allowing you to refill it naturally would have been balanced and help to solve this issue as it would require a catalyst of some type and time to interact. Heck, you could even turn it into a hack-style minigame where you are vulnerable in real-time. I would love to see it make use of analyze and fortify augments too as these are underutilized.

Imagine having to defend a target node from attack while your power cell is siphoning energy. If you disconnect too soon or fail then one of your energy cells becomes partially drained. If you succeed then you partially boost your next energy cell and still have to wait for it to regnerate to full naturally. You could always throw in the condition where brain activity is required so you have a very limited amount of time to interact with a dead foe and an unconscious one will wake up shortly after you interact with them. There are plenty of ways to balance energy management without making it so pointless.