View Full Version : Anyway to change how consumables work in quick inventory?

28th Aug 2011, 10:36
After playing for a few hours I just noticed something: Its not a bug, but its a bit of an annoyance. Makes the quick inventory, least for me, pretty useless.

Ok, so I was playing - picking up bars for energy cells and storing them for later use against enemies that are hard. Well I noticed throughout I'm losing them randomly, I was thinking it was a bug till I just lost my hypotism (gives 50 hp) and thats what I noticed whats going on.

If your in your quick inventory looking at your gear, if you go over a consumable it will go "green", and if you exit out of the menu without hitting L3 first you will use it. I've wasted about 7 bars, and a hypotism cause of this.

Is there anyway to make it so it doesnt do that? instead of this system, make it if you highlight the consumable you want to use before you get out of the quick inventory, then it will use that item? I will forget to hit L3 if I don't want to use a consumable, so quick inventory is pretty much useless for me.

28th Aug 2011, 10:39
Well...now that you know it, you can prevent it from happening...just don't scroll through your consumables...I personally like that behavior, because it lets me switch both weapons at a time, but I also have switched weapons or used consumables I didn't want right then...so I can understand you...sadly there is no way (as of now) to change that, and a patch that will bring that feature is unlikely.

28th Aug 2011, 14:32
Don't you click the analogue stick to cancel the consumable usage, as it tells you in the radial menu?

Is it really that difficult to remember this?