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28th Aug 2011, 09:04
Hey All,

I found a pretty frustrating bug today while playing DXHR. I am just inside Sandoval's base (during "Finding Isaias Sandoval", Ch 12, and any time I want to load a save game, the game will try and load indefinitely (soft freeze). The game still responds to alt+f4 (quick quit), and the loading animations continue, but the game will never load.

This is a pretty game-breaking (literally, if i die, i cant load any recent saves) bug and I hope someone is able to help me resolve it. In the interest of full disclosure, I had to use a trainer to get past the 2nd boss (after 4 hours of legit trying), but that was many chapters ago.

I know that the first thing people are going to say is "update drivers", "verify steam cache" "defragment" etc. I have followed all of those steps. If someone has run into the same issue, post in this thread and at least I will know I am not the only one having this issue.

I am playing on the PC at 1920x1200,

I have a GTX 580 with Forceware 280.26 I've had to play in DirectX 9 mode because of issues while running in DX11. Heat is not an issue, as, with aftermarket coolers, my GPU rarely goes over 70C under load. According to MSI afterburner, with settings maxed (but in DX9,) im using about 33% of the resources available. I feel that the issue really has to do with save game corruption, even though it occurs in the same location in-game at all times. For more details :

I finished up the Ch12 side-quest (where you investigate Adam's true parents). I am making my way over from the Convention Center (one side of the map) to Sandoval's Apartment. The game will save up until I use the switch to open the false wall. If either the game generates a save (autosave), i use quicksave or even a labeled save, anything past this point will NOT be saved.

As this prevents me from moving further into the game, I would be more than stoked if someone was able to help out, or at least, commiserate.

30th Aug 2011, 21:37

There you have a whole thread dedicated to this same issue. It's happening to many people, always in Chapter 12, but at different points. Still no word from Eidos.