View Full Version : Game Crashes to Desktop interacting with bodies and certain objects

28th Aug 2011, 01:54
After today's update the game crashes to desktop whenever I search a body or pick up a credit chip(game doesn't crash when you pick up the 10 mm pistol so far.) I thought it might be from my save file but I started a new game and it still crashes.

5th Sep 2011, 19:00
I developed this exact same fault today, after the game running fine since release :(

I have submitted a support ticket on the Square Enix website but Googling doesn't show many people with this problem so we may be out of luck :(

10th Oct 2011, 05:17
I'm having the exact same issue. I just started the game, I had pre-ordered it, but work kept me from playing it till now. And I'm in the very first playthrough, having to go to the Tech Lab to meet Pitchford(?) and theres this credit chip lying around. I've tried to pick it up five times, and each time, the damn game crashes....

Come on Eidos, this is how I'm supposed to play this on my first playthrough? not being able to pick up essential in-game currency????

Please fix this. I love the Deus Ex series too much to be hindered by a game breaking bug....